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We are passionate about kids and life long learning!  All of our programs are education based and give the child the opportunity to learn at their own pace at a developmental level appropriate to them.

We offer service to families that live, work or play in the neighbouring areas of Willow Park, Southwood, Canyon Meadows, Lake Bonavista, and Deer Ridge.




The Centre offers an educational based learn through play curriculum in all our classrooms.   

Learning through play is supported by children. It is their natural response to the environment around them. When children are manipulating objects, acting out roles, or experimenting with different materials, they are engaged in learning through play. Play allows them to actively construct, challenge, and expand their own understandings through making connections to prior experiences, thereby opening
the door to new learning. Intentional play-based learning enables children to investigate, ask questions, solve problems, and engage in critical thinking. Play is responsive to each child’s unique learning style and capitalises on his or her innate curiosity and creativity. Research also demonstrates that play-based learning leads to greater
social, emotional, and academic success. Based on such evidence, ministers of education endorse a sustainable pedagogy for the future that does not separate play from learning but brings them together to promote creativity in future generations.

To deliver this program we integrate developmental milestones and learning curriculum goals into our literacy, math, science, social, dramatic play, construction, indoor and outdoor gross motor activities, music special guests, events, award winning learning software, field trips and more.   


We allow kids to be kids.   

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We are licensed and accredited in the province of Alberta.


Accreditation is the proven ability to promotes excellence in our child care programs.

In The


Fall Registration Kindergarten to grade 6

Public registration for fall programming spaces is now open.


Preschool Registration

now open  for January and September

Summer camp registration

Full time registration now being accepted. 

Weekly theme based registration begins March  




Communication with the Centre is easy with your mobile phone, tablet, desktop or in person.  We utilise 2 parent communication tools to help parents get the most from our program.  First the parent- teacher app that allows parents to receive daily notes, milestones, class pictures, or personal messages from their classroom and give you secure access to reply with a personal confidential message back to your teacher.    Second the Parents portal where families can also view and change their family information, and view billing anytime from the comfort of their own home and schedule.



Proper nutrition is key to better learning.  Children who have had quality food are more able to learn.  In the Centre we offer high quality real food groups for snacks.  Our teachers will assist the children in choosing from the available food groups so children learn healthy eating habits and serving sizes that will help keep them healthy their whole lives.

Gross Motor

In keeping with the new physical activity guidelines our goal is at least 60 minutes per day of gross motor activity.  We combine outdoor walks, parks, sports and free time with indoor structured games, sports, and group activities to ensure we help our kids stay active.

Our Staff

Our provincially certified teachers work with the kids at their level to help them achieve success.  While you're at work our teachers not only teach your child the curriculum they need to prepare them for life but care for your child and do all they can to customise the classroom for your child's learning level, happiness and safety!