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Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In the occurrence of an emergency and we are not in the building or the building is locked please be advised of the following:  

For after hours items where children are not present on the location please refer to the emergency phone number found on the North entry door 403-969-4599

For care hours of 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday where an emergency has been called and you would like information on where your child is and what steps we have taken please reference details in your documents Family handbook, look for a message on Procare and an emergency alert on your email and/ or review the following:

Emergency evacuations take place due to fire, flood, gas, power outages more than 30 minutes or noxious substances.  In the occurrence of an emergency the following procedure must be followed:

  1.     The teachers in each classroom will tell the children to line up quickly and quietly and follow them to the nearest exit taking with them their backpack with first aide, emergency records and emergency meds if safe and accessible to do so and causes no delay in removing children.

  2.     The Program Supervisor or assigned alternate in charge will call 911.  If possible one of the staff will stay at the facility to meet the emergency response unit when it arrives or alternatively will notify the response unit of the staff’s location. 

  3.     Staff and children will be assembled on the sidewalk at North entrance in the drop off area of the parking lot and each senior teacher is to do an initial child count using their attendance sheet to make sure their class is accounted for.

  4.     The Program Supervisor is to check the classrooms, kitchen, closets and washrooms. She/He is also responsible for taking with them the day’s attendance records, first aid kit, spare bus keys and the portable Emergency records.

  5.     The Program Supervisor will do a secondary child count to make sure that all children are present and accounted for and that the count coincides with the facilities attendance records.

  6.     If it is deemed safe for the children and the weather is good the children may be able to remain evacuated to the safe zone in the playground or in the grass area in the parking lot to await pick up by their families.  In all other circumstances children will then be taken to the designated meeting place, located at Frank McCool Arena (in the parking lot). The phone number is 403-268-2489.  Children will be able to walk immediately across the parking facility to the evacuation location.  Keys are not required to access the evacuation facility.  If pickup takes a long period of time, the space is unexpectedly closed or children need alternate space the Wee Wonder bus will also be used to allow the children space to sit comfortably, safely, and away from any inclement weather while they wait.

  7.     The Program Supervisor is responsible for the final child count

  8.     The children of Wee Wonder will remain at that location until the parents have been notified to pick up their children or until Calgary Fire/Police personnel have deemed the premises safe. No one may re-enter the building until authorized.

  9.     Once the safety of the children and staff is secure the Program Supervisor will telephone the owner to advise of the situation so they may assist as necessary in advising families

Emergency evacuation procedures and floor plans are posted on the back of each door in the classroom, washroom, office and kitchen and diagram the egress routes.  Emergency exits are clearly marked in highlighter with red walking patterns writing on the diagram for egress routes. 


Reasons for evacuation procedures and lockdowns as well as location of evacuation and emergency contact numbers are provided to the parents in the parent handbook and explained at time of registration.

Children will learn the procedure and practise the evacuation on a regular basis in the classroom.  Drills are conducted on a random monthly basis and as needed in emergency situations.  During these practice drills, children will be reminded of the importance of remaining calm and quiet so that they can hear and follow their safety instructions. The seriousness of this routine will be stressed and role modeled to the children in order for them to quickly learn this routine.


Staff are required to know, have practised and be able to describe their role in the event of an emergency and have access to children’s emergency contact information and numbers are in each child’s home room and are in a backpack on excursions.

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