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Wee Wonder Preschool

At Wee Wonder our program is designed for every child so they can have a safe place to learn through play, make some friends and be ready for kindergarten!  

Registration is accepted year round -                                       Please  



                   for a personal tour!

Location                                               Monday-Friday

1401 Acadia Dr SE, 2nd floor                            8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Program Supervisor - Ms Karen B.


Our program

New affordability grant funding by the government has created new lower rates for fall for our families!  Please see new times and classes below

Classes - (families rates include affordability grant additional subsidy discounts also available up to $125/month all families go to childcare subsidy Alberta to see if you qualify)
Ages 3 / 4
                   T/Th          830 - 1130       $120.70
                   T/Th          1230 - 330       $120.70
                   with max subsidy $0/month
Ages 3 / 4
                   M/W/F       830 - 1130       $177.35
                   M/W/F       1230 - 330       $177.35
                   with max subsidy $52.35/month
                   M-F            mid day           $297.50
                   with max subsidy $16.50/month
mid day kinder are those children that go to kinder at a school but need a program until end of school day. 8:15 - 2:45 pm M-th or 8:15 - 12:15 pm F

We believe preschool is the one of the first steps children take in building a passion for life long learning.  Children 3-5 years of age join us in circle where they learn about community, individuality, weather, calendar, music and movement. 


In their day children will move thru a variety of activity areas that allow for their imagination to lead them in the exploration of art, music, dramatic play, sports, games, literacy and math activities, and gross motor active time. 

Preschool offers a learn thru play environment that allows the child to have fun making new friends in an environment full of new activities, events, guests and friends!

Having your young child attend school regularly provides a unique opportunity to develop social and emotional skills as well as form important first school experiences in a safe and caring environment. Your child will:​

  • develop early literacy and numeracy skills; 

  • experience the world around them through nature-inspired activities and play-based learning; 

  • develop fine motor and gross motor skills through connecting with others; 

  • develop kindness and compassion through face-to-face relationships. 

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Registration Forms

Year - round registration subject to availability

2024 Preschool Program:

AM/ PM classes 

spaces available


Please contact us for booking

Upcoming Events

Dec 26-Jan 6:        Winter break


Jan 1:                 New Years!

Jan 2:                Fall Registration


July 1 - Aug 31:        Weekly                                               summer                                             program

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